My Life has changed.

“Am Kevin Simiyu from Transnzoia county. Since 3rd Dec, 2017 when I came to PDA conference, the lord has been so faithful.

I was heavy loaded by sexual immorality behavior, but on Thursday 7th Dec, I encountered the glory of the lord and I was delivered. My life is changed, I count everything vanity.

I also had a burden my heart. I have lived believing that I was bewitched. Even when I had an idea in school to do well in my studies I could not exercise. I lived knowing that that relative had bewitched me forever.

Now, through this conference, I came to understand that the lord has given me power trample over snakes, scorpions, witchcrafts and any evil spirit. Am blessed, all is well now, I know am going to succeed and God is going to work in my life

He makes a way, where there is no way. Amen and amen.”

Kevin Simiyu

“Am Otieno Cecil, When I came to this PDA Conference, I was not saved. But on Monday 4th Dec, 2017, when I heard the news about salvation from Rev. #Jeff Stacy, I decided to give my life to Christ Jesus.

Initially, I was a fun of music. I loved #ChrisBrownand #Rihanna. A day could not pass without listening to their musics. When I was saved, I deleted their music from my phone, in fact I hate their songs and every time I hear those songs from a distance they irritate my ears.

I ask God through His Holy Spirit, to guide me and make me steadfast in salvation and never to turn back.”

Otieno Cecil

“Am Myiendo Abigael. I was forced to come to this conference, I didn’t know that I it was God’s plan.

I was saved in 2012 but was not yet delivered from sin. I have been going to church throughout, praising God like others but in real sense, i was a sinner.

The demonic spirits of sexual immorality had taken control over me. Which made me to lose focus and purpose in life. I had lost self control and that why I was just forced to attend this convention.

This conference has worked on me. Every word spoked by all the servants was mine. I’ve decided to change for good.

I can’t believe I can speak in tongues now!!! My Lord is great. I promise to bring someone to Christ Jesus like I was brought to Christ by great men and women of God. May God bless Rev. JeffTennaStacy, Judith smaniotto, EV. Jerry Anze, Rev. Mark Moore, Bsp NickSikobe and Rev. Michael Kisabuli Masambu – for inspiring me.”

Myiendo Abigael

” Am Rukia Idd, was a Muslim but now in salvation of our Lord Christ.

On 4th Dec, 2017, the power of the Lord came upon me, I cried loudly and repented. On Thursday 7th Dec, 2017, in the evening I gave my life to Jesus. The power of the lord was too strong that when Rev. #Jeff Stacy laid his hands on me, I fell down.

I never had respect for Christianity, I thought Islamic religion was all. The power of God was administered to me, I was filled with the holy spirit and I spoke in new heavenly tongues.

Am going to preach the gospel of my saviour Jesus Christ. I ask God to give me courage and boldness to spread His news to nonbelievers.

Furthermore, I want to thank Rev. Michael Kisabuli Masambu, Rev. MarkMoore, Jerry Anze, Bsp. Nick Sikobe, Rev. Jeff Tenna Stacy, Judith VanSant Smaniotto for ministering to me.

The PDA declaration has blessed me.”

Rukia Idd

” My name is Irene Adome. I had eye problem.

I have visited doctors, they give me medicine but still my eyes were paining. So when Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu, called people who had diffent diseases I was one of them.

He told us to lift up our hands and repeat a prayer after him. I did it.

He then instructed us to rebuke sickness in Jesus name.

I did it and immediately the pain went away and I was set free.

Thanks Jesus for healing me. I encouraged you that if you believe your problem will be healed just like He did to me.

Irene Idome

This is so powerful. Glory to God for the great inspiration you are imparting parents.
Recious Rabin

Thank you for representing us there. Kenyan flag …we are proud. Keep up the good work sir.
Were Shadrack

Yes,you taught me on ‘desteny’at st.peters nakalira and I was touched,at Ktti we met ,God blessing, continue imparting growing minds, your days on earth will be joyfull
Gideon Simiyu

That’s a very relevant message to our young men and women,keep it up men of the most high God.


Zadock Wambingwa